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Lava Mae is turning old buses into bathrooms and showers for San Francisco’s homeless

Business Insider • 06/29/16

"Welcome to the land of broken dreams," Doniece Sandoval’s cab driver said to her over his shoulder as they entered San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, the locus of the city’s homeless population and services.
During her more than six years in San Francisco, Sandoval had been through that area hundreds of times, but the driver’s starkness rattled her, and she looked with fresh eyes out at the street-weathered faces, the bodies strewn on the sidewalk.

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Supporting Bay Area nonprofits focused on homelessness

Google Blog • 06/29/16

“How many homeless people are in San Francisco?” “How do people become homeless?” “How can I help homeless people?” These are just some of the questions people ask Google about homelessness in San Francisco, according to Google Trends. Many of these questions don’t have simple answers, and decades of efforts have not significantly moved the needle. There are more than 6,600 homeless people in the city, many of whom are children. People who experience homelessness often struggle from chronic stress, trauma, and frequent moves, and are unable to take advantage of many educational or economic opportunities.

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San Francisco homelessness solutions San Francisco Bay Homelessness Agencies Innovate with Strategy, Heart, and Tech

Exponent Partners • 06/29/16

San Francisco media is collaborating this week to highlight the causes of and solutions to local
homelessness. Multiple local events are also happening today (learn about HandUp’s and Lava Mae’s below). Follow the social media conversation at #sfhomelessproject.
So much of the media we see about homelessness, and specifically the interaction between the technology sector and homelessness, is negative. But in our work every day, we see agencies succeed in helping clients find and stay in permanent housing. Organizations are also using the innovative technology for which the Bay Area is famous to increase their impact.

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